Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School Of Medicine In Egypt

Assalamualaikum,studies in medical doctorate are one of my passion.i'd been dying to be a medical doctor coz of it's challenging work field,and a lot of area of expertise that can be chose such as cardiology,neurology n even becoming a surgeon.
seriously,not the left one,i dont think i would run around showing that to people..but the right one is just great....candy-->diabetes? XD

Most Malaysian students continue to pursue their tertiary education here in egypt are mainly because,but from my point of view,are because of the low-cost tuition fees (8000USD),n direct degree program which is really encouraging many youngsters because unlike in Malaysia,you have to pass matriculation,or have an IB,or foundation or even an A-level,and you have yet to earn a really really good result and you still have the MUET thing,and from what i heard,at least for a medical program,you must get band 4 for minimal english proficiency....correct me if i'm wrong...

Malaysia's Education System follow British's,which depend on Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA),n your co-curicullum achievement..i wouldn't say that this had any defect,but the requirement are too high,but what would you expect from a DOCTOR? ;p

ok,with reference to the title,i would like to give you an insight of how Egypt's School Medicine systems oriented,and what are we as medical students here,are being stressed on about.

Duration of studies here is 6 years,unlike Malaysia,Uk,or etc,which is only for 5 years or less,we are going for direct degree,so there's an extra year added,kinda premedical studies,although we are studying the basics of medical subject.

For 1st n 2nd year,student will be prepared with the basics of medical knowledge,that is:

 3rd year-Pharmacology,Pathology,Microbiology,Parasitology
4th year-forensic n toxicology,Community Health,ENT(ear,nose,throat),Ophthalmology
5th year-internal medicine,Pediatrics,Clinical Pathology
6th year-gynecology&obstetrics,General Surgery
Most of Egypt's Med School are conservative just as ireland,republic czech n etc,except for 2 universities,Alexandria and Mansoura-Manchester program.They are module oriented and are using integrated system,the same goes to Malaysia.

Currently in 2nd year of med school,n personally,both,integrated and conservative system have pros and cons.That,we MIGHT BE lack of practical,but have a very strong foundation in theories of every single thing of the body system.So,that's a bit of how med school work around here,hope you enjoy my post,and any inquiries,please do ask me :)  (i'll try my best,n wish me to be bless by Allah s.w.t)

Whatever u take 4 ur studies,u will have to FACE the BOOK :)