Wednesday, April 20, 2011

International Day

Salam alaykum,about a week ago,we were told that an international day will be held,here at Ain Shams University,and we were eager and anxious on how we will REPRESENT our country,but it turned out to be a huge success.A lot of crowd came to our booth and we are happy for warm welcome given by the public ^^.A special preparation made for the particular event,that is,COLOURING!!!yes dear readers,COLOURING!!

betul2 mengimbau masa kanak2 ribena lah!! ^^ (gambar di atas sbagai hiasan saja,jgn marah!!)

It was a very exciting day where people from different countries came together,for the 1st time ever,the International Day at Ain Shams University :)

My day start with one heck of a morning,friends came over to my room,waking me up for fajr prayer,and asked me whether im going or not to the festival,and made my room into a hairdressing saloon....After a bath,i thought of wearing "BATIK" as my formal uniform,but after being persuaded by my friends,finally i decided on "BAJU MELAYU" (this is a one of traditional wear for a malaysian man,often wore for wedding n etc,it'll be shown below).

Out of the living place,waiting for a taxi who are willing to take 5 of us together for a CHEAP FARE!!thx to aimran,it's only 5le=rm2.50,hehe...

tgh sempit2,smpat lagi bergmbar,keterangan:saya di sebelah capek,azfar di atas aimran,haha....semua buat muke COMEL....?

again....proof how jammed/cramped we're inside...anyhow,WE'RE HAPPY!!!
early in the morning...india's booth..

setting up our booth,9.30am (rajin2 kawan2 aku,semua nk tlg kalau boleh ^^)

Palestinian's booth,one of the largest,and popular booth!!

meeting Jordan's spokesmen,very nice and welcoming us to their booth.

During practical class for Biochemistry...buat URINE TEST pakai BAJU MELAYU!!!YA ALLAH!!
lupe bawak lab coat punye pasal...xkire ape pun,HIDUP MEDIC!!

Afifi tgh berborak dgn arab,dgn hebatnya...aku dlm hati "bangga aku,bangga org arab tau pasal wawasan 2020"

Our colleague from Nigeria,they're really outstanding,together with all the setup they did,well done!!
with our dear Dr.Samar Kamal,been teaching us for this 2 year in biochemistry!!
Syukran awi
Sorry,there's a lot i didn't comment on the day,and how it went,because most of the time were spent on the lectures....insya Allah,will upload more photos,bye!
salam alaykum~

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